Allan Hooper Litigation Specialist Solicitor & Partner at JE Baring & Co


Allan is a Partner in the firm with  30 years legal experience.


He is a highly skilled litigator with a wide ranging knowledge of law, legal procedure and operational issues for many different types of business.  Allan is also known for his excellent negotiating and tactical skills. There are few legal situations Allan has not encountered which  provides a major benefit to all clients.

Allan advises corporate as well as private clients, local authorities and debt recovery agencies. His litigation expertise includes :-

  • commercial and civil litigation
  • contractual disputes
  • debt recovery
  • personal and corporate insolvency
  • commercial injunctions
  • employment law disputes
  • property disputes
  • professional negligence
  • fraud related claims
  • personal guarantees/indemnity disputes
  • partnership disputes


Allan is an ADR Group accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator.

Mediation is a voluntary process in which a specially trained third party, the mediator is introduced to a dispute in order to bring the parties together and settle their differences amicably. The process is "without prejudice" i.e. off the record and is not binding upon the parties until a concluded agreement is reached. Mediation often takes place in order to avoid legal action but are also arranged during the course of a legal action as the process brings with it a number of benefits, to include 


  • Speed, mediation can be arranged at short notice;
  • Costs are shared making it is less expensive than legal action;
  • It allows the parties to not only have their say but also hear in a non-confrontational environment what the other party has to say leading allowing the parties to narrow and ultimately remove the issues between them.
  • Flexibility, the methodology adopted by a mediator can be far more accommodating than the court system will allow;
  • The parties can reach an agreement that perhaps a judge may not be able to and 
  • Relationships may be preserved, thus benefiting those involved, long term.


Allan also advises clients on residential and commercial property related matters, terms and conditions of trade/sale, preparing wills and administering deceased estates.

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