Commercial Litigation



No business wants a commercial dispute and any form of dispute, whether a shareholder dispute, breach of contract claim or any other commercial litigation issue will inevitably create stress, cost and uncertainty.

However, sometimes disputes cannot be avoided and in those circumstances it is vital to have the best advice.


As highly experienced commercial litigation solicitors we can assist. From initially meeting with you, our role is, first and foremost, to advise on the legal position and possibilities for resolving the dispute in the best way possible as rapidly as possible.


This in turn relies onĀ  :-


  • the legal merits of the claim
  • the likely costs of the case proceeding a significant way towards trial
  • available tactics based on the strength of the legal position, procedural possibilities such as potential injunction or summary judgment applications, who the opponent(s) is/are and their likely approach to the matter
  • the prospects of being able to enforce any settlement or judgment against the opponent if successful (this can be easily overlooked but is a crucial consideration)
  • us being extremely frank in our advice with you at all times. It is a feature of legal disputes, even business disputes, that they become personal. Part of the value of having an solicitor experienced in all aspects of commercial litigation on your side is that he or she should tell you how it is, not what you may want to hear.
  • an agreed and sound overall strategy which is reviewed and reassessed as the case progresses

Our experience


  • A very strong reputation in all aspects of debt recovery including bulk debt recovery and enforcement
  • Contract disputes
  • Company law disputes between shareholders or directors
  • Partnership disputes
  • Insolvency claims and disputes
  • Commercial property disputes
  • Fraud claims